Welcome to the Dielenschmiede

We as Dielenschmiede are a medium-sized family business on the edge of the Black Forest, between Baden-Baden and Freiburg. Founded in 1989 by owner Erich Krause. The company originally exclusively processed reclaimed wood.

In addition to his wife Renate, his sons Dennis and Marcel, as well as his Irish daughter-in-law Zoe, have also arrived at the company and become an integral part of the day-to-day work. Many other motivated and hard-working “woodworms” stand beside the family in tackling the daily challenges our discerning customers bring to our company.

Dielenschmiede Über uns

Why Dielenschmiede?

Yes, you’re right, wood can’t be forged (Schmiede is German for forge or smithy). In the figurative sense, it really just means that we make wood and wooden surfaces into an aesthetic form. We work artfully on the surfaces of the boards and parquet, just like the blacksmith who, with much creativity and craftsmanship, forges iron into works of art. Replace the sparks with wood chips and we have the Dielenschmiede – the “Timber Smithy”. The extensive experience gained from processing original reclaimed timber enables us to elicit the natural beauty in form and colour from new timber.

The native species of wood we mainly use is Central European oak. Oak timber is very hard and contains natural tannin also referred to as tannic acid. For example it is this tannin that, through storage in wooden barrels, gives red wine its fine barrique flavour.

We use the natural tannin for the diverse range of colour designs for our surfaces. To protect our surfaces we use only water-based products and natural oils and waxes. Among other things, the hard and heat-resistant carnauba wax.

Carnauba wax is extracted from the leaves of the carnauba palm and is also used in the food industry, among other things. We don’t use any paints or solvents. By using high-quality products, we can create easy-care surfaces. These surfaces can be refreshed again and again and easily repaired in case of damage. Sanding is not required, even after years.

We manufacture a variety of floors such as cottage boards, chateau boards, antique floors and parquet. Our own developed specialties are the “Goethes Musik Zimmer” and the “Chalet” floorboards. The naturally modeled surfaces are often used by designers and architects as a contrast to state-of-the-art interior designs. Our international customers come from the commercial and private sectors. Many exclusive projects such as hotels, holiday homes, fashion houses, residential buildings and restaurants have already been equipped with our extraordinary wooden floors. Enthusiastic customers are always motivating us to find new creations.

A very special service from us, the rolling exhibition, has been enthusiastically received by our customers for years. The sampling appointment with prospective customers at home using large-format samples provides a significant advantage compared to a distant showroom. The sample floors can be assessed in the room/building in question with original light conditions, allowing the customer to judge much better which floor best suits the space. A wide selection with different structures and colours are available on-site. In the case of existing furnishings, the samples can be directly contrasted for comparison.