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Chateau boards are large-dimension wooden flooring. The term chateau board came about organically and refers to the extreme size of this style of plank. This is probably because in times past, the laying of such large-dimension boards was common in stately buildings with banquet halls etc. Of course this underscored the social status of the landlord/lord of the castle. With up to 60 cm in width and up to 11 m and more in length, the appropriate space is required for these mighty boards. Not everyone could afford such splendid flooring. Wood was expensive and especially in these dimensions, which were mostly laboriously hand sawn.

There’s still a lot of handwork in these special floorboards today. While the kings and castles may have gone into decline, lovers of these unique floors remain and multiply. Right now in our modern and futuristic living spaces the chateau flooring is experiencing a renaissance. As a partner to exposed concrete walls, high-gloss kitchens, glass or stainless steel components the boards create a particularly noble relationship. The design of the chateau board’s surface is a particular specialty of ours. We design the structure of the surface according to your wishes. Sanded smooth, slightly structured, strongly structured, natural structure, hand-hardened (special process). For the colour design we offer a wide range of possibilities. We don’t shrink from the individual wishes of our customers.

Chateau flooring | Impressions

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Chateau flooring – oiled | waxed | limed | soaped | leached

In addition to our untreated floorboards, we also offer a wide range of colour treatments. To protect the surface treatments, only water-based products and natural oils and waxes are used. If you don’t have the right one for your taste, don’t be afraid to contact us, together with you we will find your individual color.

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Technical Details | Chateau flooring


Stärken19 + 20 + 28 mm15 + 20 mm
(Deckschicht 4,5 - 5,0 mm)
Breiten250+ 300 + 350 mm250+ 300 + 350 mm
(350-500mm möglich)
Längen2000 - 4000 mm
(4000 - 6000mm möglich)
2000 - 4000 mm
(Ab März 2018 auch bis ca. 11000mm)

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Unique chateau flooring

We Black Foresters are, after all, known worldwide for our ingenuity. Speaking of inventive, by the spring of 2018 we will hopefully be able to produce 80 cm wide chateau flooring, we just have to find the right trees. The noblest of all chateau flooring is made of oak. Also very popular are Douglas and silver fir. Both species grow in the best quality here in our native Black Forest. We can produce widths of up to 30 cm in 28 mm thickness. So that extreme widths, for example 50 cm, remain installable, we manufacture these in a multilayer engineered construction, with a solid top layer of 5,5 mm. The total thickness is then approximately 20 mm with tongue and groove along the sides and grooves on all ends with separate tongues used for additional strength. To glue the boards on concrete with under-floor heating is no problem. Chateau boards are not just sitting on our shelves waiting to be taken. Large dimensions such as these have longer delivery times. Smaller dimensions in our planks usually take between 4-6 weeks to produce. But just ask, sometimes we can do magic.

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