Surfaces & feel of our floorboards

We work artfully on the surfaces of the boards and parquet, with much creativity. The extensive experience gained from processing original reclaimed timber enables us to elicit the natural beauty in form and colour from new timber. The native species of wood we mainly use to make our flooring is Central European oak.
We offer our flooring in the following three surface structures.

KORN | Sanded

Characteristics of the Korn surface

The subtlest of our surfaces. Sanded flat and smooth. Naturally occurring knots and cracks are filled. A quiet and subtle surface. The side edges are slightly bevelled. Here it is the colour that should dominate. Yet still a warm wooden floor feeling and nature pure.

DOM | Brushed

Features of the Dom surface

A beautifully finished surface structure. The soft wood is worked out through various mechanical processes such as sanding, brushing, planing. The hardwood grain is slightly raised thus emphasizing the naturalness of real wooden boards. We offer Dom floors in “cheeky” and “polite” variations. That is to say with stronger or subtler structure. The naturally occurring knots and cracks are filled. The matching colour palette can be found in our colour boutique.

CHALET | Naturally dried

Features of the Chalet surface

Pleasant as nature intended. The Chalet floor is characterised by the natural unevenness of the surface. A pleasant and healthy experience for those who like to go barefoot. it stimulates the feet similar to a massage or a barefoot walk in the wild. Your feet and back will thank you. An equally characteristic feature of the Chalet floor is the open, non-filled knots and naturally occurring cracks of the oak timber. The Chalet floor also makes for a compelling symbiosis with top modern construction and furnishings. Try it yourself at our showroom between Baden-Baden and Freiburg and be convinced, or with a sample at home brought to you by our rolling exhibition. We produce the Chalet floor in a wide variety of colours for our customers.

Finished floorboards

In addition to our untreated floorboards, we also offer a wide range of colour treatments. Among other things, we use the natural tannin for the diverse colour design of our surfaces. We only use water-based products as well as natural oils and waxes to protect our floorboards. By using high-quality products, we can create easy-care surfaces. These surfaces can be refreshed again and again, and easily repaired in case of damage. Sanding is not necessary, even after many years.
Should you not find the right colour for your taste, don’t be afraid to contact us, together with you we will find your individual colour.

Finished flooring – oiled flooring – pre-oiled flooring – naturally oiled flooring – various reaction surfaces – leached flooring – waxed flooring – washed flooring

Wood flooring samples for you at home

You have definite ideas about your future wooden floor and want a sample to feel and see the haptic and colour, not just in a photo but in reality. Based on our experience of sampling, we have decided to provide high quality samples made of entire board pieces. You will not just receive short sample pieces from us, but an entire sample panel to examine. Sample panels give you a much more realistic picture of your future floor, including the joints, than just a little piece of wood.

Dielenboden Muster Bundle

Oak flooring – Impressions and references

We manufacture a variety of floors such as cottage boards, chateau boards, antique floors and parquet. Our own developed specialties are the “Goethes Musik Zimmer” and the “Chalet” floorboards. The naturally modeled surfaces are often used by designers and architects as a contrast to state-of-the-art interior design. Our international customers come from the commercial and private sectors. Many exclusive projects such as hotels, holiday apartments, fashion houses, residential buildings, restaurants have already been equipped with our exceptional wooden floors. Enthusiastic customers are always motivating us to find new creations.

See the following link for more impressions

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