Oak flooring

We bring out the aesthetic shape of wood, working artfully on the surfaces of floorboards and parquet floors. The extensive experience gained from processing original reclaimed timber enables us to elicit the natural beauty in form and colour from new timber. The native type of wood that we mainly use is Central European oak.

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Dielenboden Eiche Chalet


Parquet has been used for centuries in old castles and mansions. Usually in prominent rooms and halls where the social status of the owner could be demonstrated to high-ranking guests. The herringbone parquet is currently experiencing a renaissance.

The herringbone pattern with its timeless elegance has re-established itself in recent times and has once again become a favourite for any kind of house. The Dielenschmiede produce this regal flooring in large-format bars and primarily in solid oak.

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Fischgrätparkett Eiche 90°

Cottage flooring

The cottage floorboard, made of oak, is for us a wooden floorboard of medium width (ca. 12cm bis ca. 24cm) and length (ca. 80cm bis ca. 400cm) of solid oak. Larger lengths are possible on request. In general, the boards made of multiple layers of wood in these sizes are also defined as cottage floorboards. In the case of multi-layer engineered cottage floorboards, the topmost layer of solid oak usually has a thickness of 4 mm – 5.5 mm, pressed together with PVA glue.

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Landhausdielen Chalet-Dirty Harry Bauarena Holzdielen

Chateau flooring

Chateau boards are large-dimension wooden flooring. The term chateau board came about organically and refers to the extreme size of this style of plank. This is probably because in times past, the laying of such large-dimension boards was common in stately buildings with banquet halls etc. Of course this underscored the social status of the landlord/lord of the castle. With up to 60 cm in width and up to 11 m and more in length, the appropriate space is required for these mighty boards. Not everyone could afford such splendid flooring. Wood was expensive and especially in these dimensions, which were mostly laboriously hand sawn.

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Schlossdielen Eiche 3-Schicht

Surface structures

We produce a wide variety of floors, such as cottage, chateau, reclaimed and parquet. Our own developed specialties are the “Goethes Musik Zimmer” and the “Chalet” floorboards. The naturally modeled surfaces are often used by designers and architects as a contrast to state-of-the-art interior designs. Our international customers come from the commercial and private sectors. Many exclusive projects such as hotels, holiday homes, fashion houses, residential buildings and restaurants have already been equipped with our extraordinary wooden floors. Enthusiastic customers are always motivating us to find new creations.

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Angenehm gehen wie in der Natur. Die Chalet-Diele ist gekennzeichnet durch die natürlichen Unebenheiten auf der Oberfläche.
Eine schön ausgearbeitete Oberflächenstruktur. Das Weichholz ist durch verschiedene mechanische Vorgänge wie zum Beispiel schleifen, bürsten, hobeln ausgearbeitet.
Die Bravste unserer Oberflächen. Plan und glatt geschliffen. Äste und Risse geschlossen. Eine ruhige und dezente Oberfläche.


Our oak timber contains natural tannin, which we use to colour the surfaces. To protect the wood, only water-based products as well as natural oils and waxes are used to seal the surfaces. This creates easy-to-care-for surfaces which can be easily refreshed. Should you not find the right colour, we will be glad to create your individual wood floor for you.

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Unsere Farben im Überblick

THE WILD FOREST – Wall covering

Solid oak wall cladding!
Surface properties: natural surface | heavily brushed

The Wild Forest - Wandverkleidung Eiche