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Wood manufacture for floors & walls

We manufacture our boards to look aged, so that they look good for you. We have experience in this. Our family business has been around since 1989. Originally the Dielenschmiede worked with original reclaimed wood – until demand outstripped supply. In our factory at the edge of the Black Forest we developed our own process to give wooden surfaces this very special vintage look. Our solid wood and parquet floors have a dramatic aged and antique look as if recently reclaimed from a castle, monastery or manor. Imposing. Impressive. Steeped in history. But: They are new. And clean. And perfect to work with.

Wood flooring made of sustainable, high-quality oak

For our wooden floors we use German, French, that is to say Central European oak. Oak is a very hard wood and contains natural tannin, which we use to colour the surfaces. To protect the wood, only water-based products as well as natural oils and waxes are used to seal the surfaces. This creates easy-to-care-for surfaces which can be easily refreshed. In the case of any damage, they can also easily be repaired. Sanding is not required, even after years.

We offer our wooden floorboards in three different formats: Parquet, Cottage flooring and Chateau flooring.
All sizes are available as multi-layer engineered or solid wood.

Many can do good wood. We do so much more.

We create a unique experience for your home. It’s in our nature. After all, we are Black Forest.

That’s us

We as Dielenschmiede are a medium-sized family business on the edge of the Black Forest, between Baden-Baden and Freiburg.
Founded in 1989 by owner Erich Krause. The company originally exclusively processed reclaimed wood.
In addition to his wife Renate, his sons Dennis and Marcel, as well as his Irish daughter-in-law Zoe, have also arrived at the company and become an integral part of the day-to-day work. Many other motivated and hard-working “woodworms” stand beside the family and and help to tackle the daily challenges our discerning customers bring to our company.


Visit us!

See for yourself with a walk through our showroom between Baden-Baden and Freiburg, or in Zurich, Switzerland in the Bauarena Volketswil where 800m2 of sample flooring is laid, or we can visit you in your own home with our “rolling showroom“.

Hohberg opening hours: By appointment only!

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