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The cottage floorboard, made of oak, is for us a wooden floorboard of medium width and length of solid oak. Larger lengths are possible on request. In general, the boards made of multiple layers of wood in these sizes are also defined as cottage floorboards. In the case of multi-layer engineered cottage floorboards, the topmost layer of solid oak usually has a thickness of 4 mm – 5.5 mm, pressed together with PVA glue.

Nowadays boards are mainly laid with special non-polluting adhesive on solid ground, or fixed to a substructure made of wood. In our experience a “floating” installation of multi-layer engineered or solid cottage boards is generally not recommended or could create problems in the case of fluctuating humidity.


Cottage floorboards laid on underfloor heating?

Installing wooden floors on under-floor heating is no problem, and is nowadays practiced over 90% of the time. It doesn’t matter whether glued or screwed, for every type of installation there is an option. As with all trades, there are a few rules which must be observed so that the symbiosis between the heating and the wood works well. By the way, solid wood floorings offers better thermal conductivity compared to multi-layer engineered boards with the same thickness due to a denser, more compact structure.

Cottage flooring impressions

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Surface structures of our cottage floorboards

KORN | Sanded

Characteristics of the Korn surface

The subtlest of our surfaces. Sanded flat and smooth. Naturally occurring knots and cracks are filled. A quiet and subtle surface. The side edges are slightly bevelled. Here it is the colour that should dominate. Yet still a warm wooden floor feeling and nature pure.

DOM | Brushed

Features of the Dom surface

A beautifully finished surface structure. The soft wood is worked out through various mechanical processes such as sanding, brushing, planing. The hardwood grain is slightly raised thus emphasizing the naturalness of real wooden boards. We offer Dom floors in “cheeky” and “polite” variations. That is to say with stronger or subtler structure. The naturally occurring knots and cracks are filled. The matching colour palette can be found in our colour boutique.

CHALET | Naturally dried

Features of the Chalet surface

Pleasant as nature intended. The Chalet floor is characterised by the natural unevenness of the surface. A pleasant and healthy experience for those who like to go barefoot. It stimulates the feet similar to a massage or a barefoot walk in the wild. Your feet and back will thank you. An equally characteristic feature of the Chalet floor is the open, non-filled knots and naturally occurring cracks of the oak timber. The Chalet floor also makes for a compelling symbiosis with top modern construction and furnishings. Try it yourself at our showroom between Baden-Baden and Freiburg and be convinced, or with a sample at home brought to you by our rolling exhibition. We produce the Chalet floor in a wide variety of colours for our customers.

Cottage flooring finished – oiled | waxed | limed | soaped | leached

In addition to our untreated floorboards, we also offer a wide range of colour treatments. To protect the surface treatments, only water-based products and natural oils and waxes are used. If you don’t have the right one for your taste, don’t be afraid to contact us, together with you we will find your individual color.

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Technical Details of cottage flooring


Stärken16 + 19 + 20 mm14 + 15 + 20 mm
(Deckschicht 4,5 - 5,0 mm)
Breiten160 + 180 + 200 + 225 + 230 mm160 + 180 + 200 + 230 mm
Längen1500 - 3000 mm1500 - 3000 mm
further information

Construction, installation and tips | Cottage flooring

The preferred laying method of our cottage boards is generally “endless laying”. This means that the planks are laid mixed in different lengths. The boards are joined end to end, with the joints running across the lengths of the boards, and positioned arbitrarily. However, the joints are never next to one another, but rather offset. The added advantage of this type of installation is that it saves on materials. The amount of waste with this type of laying remains very low because each cut off board can be used to start the next row. The appearance of the floor is very natural and vivid. Each floorboard is unique but laid to give a harmonious symbiosis.


Room-length cottage floorboards

We can also produce room length boards or cottage boards with one or two joints, on request. Grid floors with filling boards are usually only installed in very large rooms or halls. This means that the entire floor is divided with corresponding length boards in square or rectangular grids. The empty spaces formed are then filled with boards all the same length. A very demanding and time consuming job for the installer, this method is also associated with high material and work costs.

A floor of solid, or good quality multi-layer engineered boards with a strong top layer, is an investment for many decades. Thus it becomes a foundation for generations. For this reasons wood stands as one of the oldest building materials hand in hand with the quality of the Dielenschmiede.

The most frequently asked questions are answered for you here: FAQ

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