Floor: 3-layer engineered Chateau floorboards Chalet soft – natural oil finish

Location: CH-Sirnac

3-layer engineered Chateau oak flooring

Construction: 3-layer engineered
Thickness: 20(5) mm
Width: 250-300 mm mixed
Length: 2500-3500 mm falling lengths

Chalet | naturally dried

Pleasant as nature intended. The Chalet floor is characterised by the natural unevenness of the surface. A pleasant and healthy experience for those who like to go barefoot. It stimulates the feet similar to a massage or a barefoot walk in the wild. Your feet and back will thank you. An equally characteristic feature of the Chalet floor is the open, non-filled knots and naturally occurring cracks of the oak timber. The Chalet floor also makes for a compelling symbiosis with top modern construction and furnishings. Try it yourself at our showroom between Baden-Baden and Freiburg and be convinced, or with a sample at home brought to you by our rolling exhibition. We produce the Chalet floor in a wide variety of colours for our customers.

Natural oil finish

Finish: Natural oil

3-Schicht Eiche Schlossdielen Chalet soft-Natur geölt

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